Casino Sister Sites – What are Sister Sites?

When online casinos were still new to the internet back in the mid to late nineties, there were only a handful of casino operators to choose from. Today’s modern online casino industry is in stark contrast to those early days, with thousands of online casinos operating on the web. You’ll find that many of these are owned and operated by the same company, such as 888/Casava and others. When more than one casino site is owned and operated by a single company, we refer to them as sister sites.

Sister sites will usually feature a similar design or layout, a similar range of payment options, games and other services. Of course, each will feature its own theme, making it a unique option to choose within the group but, by and large, they will present a unified user experience. This is often a good thing, particularly if the group owner is reputable and a leader in the industry.

There are a number of benefits to signing up with sister casinos. They provide a certain continuity in casino gaming and, if you’ve signed up with one and found it to be a solid online casino site, the chances are that the rest within the group will be of a similar quality. You can benefit from similar bonus structures throughout the group, as well as group promotions, jackpots and other big rewards.

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