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click2payClick2Pay is a web-based payment solution that has carved out a reputation over the course of the past decade for being fast, safe and extremely easy to use. One of the most popular methods of depositing funds into all of the major online casinos, the system allows you to transfer money directly from your bank account or credit card rather than into a e-wallet. Whenever you make a payment, the necessary funds are moved directly from the payment method you have registered to the merchant via Click2Pay.

The main benefit of using Click2Pay as a “middle man” for your online transactions is that you don’t have to repeatedly transmit your personal details over the internet, drastically reducing the chances of your becoming a victim of identity theft. Another huge advantage of Click2Pay is that your deposits are processed instantly, allowing you play with the minimum amount of delay.

If you want to make a deposit into a casino account using Click2Pay, you first need to open an account with the company – something that can be completed in a matter of minutes – and also an account with the casino of your choice. From there, you simply log on to the casino account, navigate to the cashier’s section and select the option to make your deposit using Click2Pay. You will then be prompted to type in your Click2Pay ID and account number. Once this is done, the funds you request will be instantly deposited into your casino account.

Once your account is activated, you’ll be ready to make your first payment. Thanks to 128-bit encryption and a host of safeguards, including ongoing account monitoring to detect fraudulent or other unusual activity, you be sure that any funds you deposit using Click2Pay will be completely safe. From the time your account is up and running you’ll also have access to high-quality customer support and know that any questions or queries you might have about the service will be answered promptly.

Some casinos offer incentives to customers who make deposits using Click2Pay such as exclusive bonuses. Other benefits include incredible ease of use, wide acceptance within the casino industry and the fact that this anonymous payment system offers an extremely high level of security. The disadvantages of using Click2Pay are few and far between. Transactions using a credit card will incur a three per cent service charge, and you’ll also have to pay a currency exchange fee when making a withdrawal.

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However Click2Pay is accepted widely, they are some specific restrictions that apply to certain countries, such as the United States, so it’s best to check whether you’re allowed to use the system in your location before signing up. Also, if you like the idea of Click2Pay, it’s worth nothing that while the system is hugely popular with online casino sites, there are only a limited number of vendors who make use of the system outside the gambling industry.

Although deposits made with Click2Pay are quick and easy, this is not really the case when it comes to making a withdrawal. However, there will be some for whom using Click2Pay is the preferred option. In order to withdraw money, you can either have a cheque sent in the post, which takes up to seven working days and costs 20 euros, or you can apply for a Click2Pay debit card and use this to pay for items directly or make withdrawals at an ATM. There is a one-off cost of L10 for the card, but if you want instant access to your winnings and make regular use of the card, the cost may be easy to justify.

Click2Pay – Way to Withdraw

When you make the decision of withdrawing money from the CLICK2PAY account, then you will have the check send on to you. Fast & worldwide, they just charge two GBP postage. The additional fees from local bank may get gathered. When you have selected to withdraw the money from the Click2Pay account, then you can get the check in three to five business days. Please always keep in mind: All the transactions (that includes withdrawals) with the CLICK2PAY is observed as well as managed at every times in secure account online-area.

Click2Pay – Way to Stay Safe

All the information is been stored safely on Click2Pay servers. And they assure that there is no third parties will have an access to the information. Trader from where you can make the purchase is given that with the data pertaining to the purchase & delivery information.

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